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LIMBA is a unique and innovative audio language method available by download to learn the language of your choice in an intuitive and convenient way . Each audio lesson lasts 14 minutes and allows a concrete knowledge of the language learned. A method without grammar and a progressive learning designed for English speakers passionate about travel and authentic encounters. Language courses in audio format are added every week ....

A course to learn to SPEAK

LIMBA is an avant-garde language course audio method focusing only on the oral knowledge of the chosen language. You will therefore learn to understand and speak the language of your choice in an intuitive and progressive way. An effective way for students who REALLY want to SPEAK a language. At the rate of one lesson per day, you will learn the language gradually and reach an intermediate level by taking 50 to 100 lessons in the language of your choice.

Listening to the 14 minute audio lessons daily will allow students to quickly , concretely and intuitively assimilate a solid basic knowledge of the spoken language.


The LIMBA method of learning a language is not magic. It is based on the principle of spaced repetition and active listening. This simple but scientifically proven principle will allow you to discover a still inaccessible world thanks to your knowledge of the chosen language. Unlike the written methods generally used in language schools, you will be able to use the vocabulary and phrases learned extremely quickly. You will also be able to have an excellent knowledge of the mechanisms of the language and thus continue your learning and reach the level you want in the language of your choice.

The best way to learn a language without a teacher

Only 14 minutes per day of active listening - Useful vocabulary in the language of your choice - Progressive and intuitive learning - An incredibly efficient and grammar-free language method - Lessons in unusual languages - Tangible results after only one week - Access to 15 to 80 lessons in each language - Lessons added each week

Method developed by a polyglot speaking more than 10 languages

The method LIMBA learning was created by Louis-Simon Roy in recent years. With his passion for language learning, he started teaching languages ​​(about ten) in the early 2000s. He quickly realized the immense limits of traditional teaching and wanted to optimize the learning of his students. This audio language method is the result of his research and his teaching experience.

Mr. Roy currently lives in Nepal and teaches on Skype languages ​​as diverse as Mongolian, Nepalese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, English and Serbian. He is the author of the books " Introduction to the Mongolian language " and " Introduction to the Nepalese language "

Over 20,000 downloads

Hundreds of students have downloaded the audio language courses of the LIMBA method. Do not hesitate and do like thousands of others who have decided to learn to SPEAK the language of their choice ...

Easy and quick access to your lessons

Download and have access to audio lessons in the language of your choice and start learning in a few minutes. Our 100% audio LIMBA method allows a real knowledge of the language of your choice.


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