100% Chechen audio course

Cours audio de tchétchène - Leçon #1 gratuite
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29 € →  14 €

LIMBA Audio - Audio course for learning the Chechen language


The only way to learn Chechen in French


For students who really want CONCRETE and REAL knowledge

of the Chechen language


Only 14 minutes per lesson - A perfect amount of time to stay focused


An intuitive approach to the Chechen language


Ideal to listen to during sports training, when traveling by car or bus

or during your free time


A natural process allowing you to assimilate the Chechen language smoothly without

to be inundated with grammar rules

A Chechen course designed for French speakers


Based on repetition and active listening of the language of Chechnya in the Caucasus


A Chechen audio method focusing on the essentials of the spoken language


Knowledge of the most used Chechen words and verbs in everyday life


35 lessons of 14 minutes in MP3 format (equivalent to 8:15 of audio material for Chechen)


Allows practical knowledge of the Chechen language


Guaranteed results already after 1 week ...


Learning the Grozny language


8:15 am audio material for each level (Level # 1 in Chechen)

Ideal for people who do a lot of driving or training

A perfect course before going to Chechnya

Learning Chechen without grammar or complex rules

A perfect introduction to the Chechen language if your husband / wife is of Chechen origin