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A language of the North East Caucasus spoken in Dagestan by around 550,000 people, Darguine (also called Dargwa) is wrongly considered to be a single language when it is divided into 11 distinct languages, which are themselves subdivided into multiple dialects ( north-dargwa, tsudakhar, kadar, muirin, megeb, sirhwa, kunki, vurqni, sandzhi, itsari, kaitak, kubachi and chirag)

The Darguine language is spoken in the capital Makhachkala and is one of the Northeast Caucasian languages. Although the existence of this linguistic family is not unanimous among linguists, the language is spoken by the people of the same name, mainly in the towns of Akusha, Kubashi and in general, south of the capital, no - far from the coast with the Caspian Sea.

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