Apprendre une langue en ligne

Frequently asked questions about the LIMBA audio learning method

1) Does an audio-only language method work?

We tend to believe that you have to see the written words to be able to learn a language. While it is true that in conventional books reading words helps, the 100% audio method we offer will allow you to learn to speak, understand and intuitively know the language of your choice. The reason is simple ... All visual learning activates a particular part of our brain. Hearing, on the other hand, activates a different part of the brain. In summary, your knowledge will be much more practical, deep and real by performing the audio lessons that we offer. The methods of written languages ​​will allow you to support your learning by helping you to assimilate useful vocabulary and constructions that are not studied in our course.

2) Subscription or download?

The LIMBA team is happy to offer you two study options in the language of your choice. The first is a subscription for only 4 US per month (for the basic subscription). This subscription gives you access to ALL LESSONS IN ALL AVAILABLE LANGUAGES. The subscription does not entitle you to download the lessons. Downloading may be the best option if you want to listen to the recordings offline.

3) What is the level reached?

Of course, it all depends on the number of lessons available, the lessons performed, the pace, your listening skills and your concentration. On the other hand, it must be said first of all that the audio process is scalable and repetitive. An element glimpsed in lesson # 12 can be repeated in lesson # 57. In other words, these are not words to be learned by heart as many language methods offer. The LIMBA audio language method does not offer independent lessons either. It is essential to do each audio lesson before moving on to the next. The sequences to be repeated and the time between each repetition has been the subject of rigorous study and is based on the natural functioning of the brain. By completing 50 lessons in one language, you will have an excellent knowledge of the mechanics of the language and a basic expression ability. Your vocabulary will however be limited. If in addition to the audio lessons, you learn  on your own, you will be able to speak it in less than 3 months. You will only need to add vocabulary to the knowledge acquired through the audio lessons. Normally, the first 60 lessons cover the main grammatical elements of the language. The following lessons focus on useful and current vocabulary. Audio courses with only 30-50 lessons are essential for those who really want to speak the language of their choice.

4) Why are prices so low in some languages?

I am often asked why I offer such low prices for audio lessons in certain languages. . The answer is simple: I do not represent a multinational and I want to offer material at low cost to promote languages. Obviously, I live and I can give time on the lessons thanks to your download.

5) I paid for the audio course but I don't have a message to download the lessons?

Normally, if payment is finalized and confirmed, an email should be sent to you automatically to the email address you provided. There may be a small delay of 1 to 10 minutes between payment and receipt of this message. Since this is an automatic message, some mailboxes redirect our message to the JUNK MAIL section. In some cases, some email addresses provided in the form are not recognized. We must then send you a message manually if you do not receive our automated message. We normally respond within hours of your message (normally within 12 hours). But one way or another, you can write to me at:

6) The language I want to learn is not available?

We are working very hard to put courses online in new languages. If you have a special interest and can't wait, write to me ...

7) Is it possible for you to create a personalized audio course according to our needs?

For companies or people with very special needs, we offer a service to create personalized audio lessons according to your needs. If for example you are a company in need of an audio course for these employees, we can develop the whole thing. The base price for creating 20-30 lessons is 1900 euros (2800 $ Canadian). To do this, write to me ...

8) Why are there no English lessons?

We are often asked the question. The answer is, there are already countless ways (good and bad) and websites offering resources for learning the English language. In addition, our course is always intended for beginners 100% in the chosen language. We wish to devote our time and our know-how to discovering languages ​​that are unusual and off the beaten track.

9) How did you find out about this language learning method?

I now speak a dozen languages ​​( English, French, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Mongolian, Nepalese, Serbian, German, Japanese ) but my actual learning has touched at least twenty (Arabic, Buriat, Chinese, Czech, Chechen, Finnish, Icelandic, Guarani, Sherpa, Wolof, Romanian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Georgian ). When I started teaching, the vast majority of my students had done 1,2 sometimes three years of course in a language but their capacity for expression was limited to sentences learned by heart. I was amazed! I then wondered about the inability of the students to be able to speak the language learned. In this process, I discovered that despite the efforts of language teachers, there are many aspects that prevent students from speaking the language. So I wondered. Over the years, I have discovered simple, effective and very accessible tips for learning to speak a language. So I use these tips in creating this 100% audio language method. This is not a miracle method! It is based on active listening and repetition.

10) I noticed errors in the records?

Although we do a lot of checking, errors can still exist. Normally, these little typos should in no way prevent you from progressing in the language of your choice. Moreover, if you notice an error, it is very positive! It means that you are making progress and that your understanding is more and more important.

11) The language course I want to download only has 15 lessons. Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Each lesson is edited to let you understand structure and vocabulary intuitively. This means that even if 15 lessons are available in the language of your choice, your ability to express yourself in the language will be very real despite a limited vocabulary. In addition, courses with only 15 lessons are part of our priority. More lessons should soon appear.

12) What is the LIMBA method?

This is a 100% audio method (sometimes supported by a PDF document or even videos with the interventions heard in the recordings) based on rehearsal and active listening. The Limba method has been developed by Louis-Simon Roy, a Quebec polyglot teaching ten languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Nepalese, Mongolian, Russian, German and Serbian) since 2002. The repetitions are not random and new elements are seen and reviewed in the audio lessons. Learning the language with the LIMBA method allows real and intuitive knowledge of the chosen language.

13) Can I be fluent with the LIMBA method?

The answer is no if you are only doing 60 lessons in a language. The Limba method uses repetition and active listening but offers a restricted vocabulary over 60 lessons. According to the experts' opinion, the LIMBA method is optimal for starting your learning and developing a real practical ability in the language. A course of 150 lessons on the other hand, would allow you to assimilate a very good intermediate level.

14) How to use the LIMBA method?

The ideal is one lesson per day ... Since each lesson lasts only 14 minutes, you can listen to it 1, 2 or 3 times. We normally suggest a break during the week. It is essential to repeat aloud after EACH intervention.