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With its disconcertingly simple grammar, Chinese can be learned quite easily. Our Mandarin Chinese audio course will give you an unprecedented foray into the spoken language of the Middle Kingdom. Indeed, this fully audio course is the most effective way for the French speaking student wishing a real knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. Several websites offer valuable resources for learning Chinese ideograms, but hardly any offer material focusing on knowledge of the spoken language.

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Although his writing is both beautiful and complex, few people know that the real challenge of Chinese lies in its pronunciation marked by precise tones. Our audio Chinese course is therefore the best way to tame this forbidding aspect of learning Mandarin Chinese. Thanks to 14 minutes of active listening to Chinese lessons, you will assimilate without even realizing it, the basics of spoken Chinese. You will be able to travel to China or continue your learning Chinese with confidence thanks to the Mandarin Chinese lessons that you have followed.

Chinese language grammar


Remember two golden rules. Chinese words are still invariable and grammar almost non-existent in Chinese. Orally, pronunciation is the real challenge of the Chinese language.

The plural in Chinese

As in many languages, the plural is generally little used in Chinese. In the Mandarin Chinese audio lessons that we offer, we catch a glimpse of the wǒmen form in lesson # 45. This word is derived from wǒ - 我 meaning "I". So the wǒmen means "we".

Chinese adjectives : come see the word order in Mandarin Chinese and start learning Mandarin with audio lessons to download.

Verbs in Chinese : the notion of verb as we know it in French is very different in Chinese.

Chinese Questions : Find out how to ask questions in Mandarin Chinese.

Tenses spent in Chinese : as in all languages ​​of the world, the conjugation of verbs in the past tense is very important. Mandarin Chinese is no exception.

The tones of Mandarin Chinese : Mandarin Chinese has 4 distinct tones that students must absolutely master perfectly to be understood.

Word order in Chinese : Due to its mono-syllabic character and the principle by which the above always determines what follows, the word order in Chinese is quite simple.