Asian languages

List of languages of Asia, from the Caucasus to the Russian Far East

It is not always easy to find methods to learn more exotic languages ​​like Nepali, Abkhaz or Mongolian. If we add to this the search for French language resources, we often have to admit defeat in the face of the lack of methods and dictionaries for people speaking French. This dossier on Asian languages ​​aims to offer an unprecedented foray into a little-known universe: the languages ​​of Asia.


There are 30 national languages ​​in Asia but it is calculated that there are 600 others (200 only in Indonesia) unofficial. All information on resources, on dictionaries, on language methods of all the languages ​​of Central Asia, Siberia and Southeast Asia here.


Linguistic families are numerous in Asia: Altaic languages ​​of Central Asia and Siberia, tonal languages ​​of China, Sino-Tibetan languages, Dravidian languages, Iranian languages, Kartvelian languages, Austronesian languages, Homong-Mian languages, Uralic languages, languages Tai Kadai, Papuan languages ​​and much more ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Apprendre langue d'Asie

Abaza :

Abkhaz : Language of Abkhazia in the Caucasus

Adyghea :

Agoul :

Ainous : Language spoken by a minority in Japan. In 1991, 15 people still spoke the language on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Aleutian : Language spoken by a minority of the Russian and Canadian far North. + - 270 language speakers living in the Aleutian Islands

Altai :

Altai Uryangkhai : + -70,000 speakers, mainly in the Republic of Altai Uryangkhai and in northern Mongolia.

Alyutor :: + - 200 speakers in the national district of Koryak and in the north-east of Kamchatka, Russia.

Aramaic :

Armenian : Spoken in Armenia and by the Armenian diaspora living outside the country.

Assamese : Language of the state of Assam in northern India.

Assyrian-Neo-Aramaic : The Assyrians are the Christians of the East and one of the languages ​​spoken is Aramaic (the language of Jesus Christ) in its new and current form. It is a Semitic language spoken by approximately 450,000 people.

Avar : One of the main languages ​​of Dagestan, Russian republic in the Caucasus.

Azeri ; Language of Azerbaijan spoken by around 30 million people.

Balkar (karachay-balkar) : Language spoken by approximately 310,000 according to the 2010 census in Russia. The language is very close to Kumyk (kumik). It is a Turkish language with declension (6 cases).

Baraba : + - 8000 people still speak Baraba. The language is related to Tatar.

Bashkir : Turkish language spoken by more than one million people in the Russian republic of Bashkiria and in Bashkortostan.


Bats : Nakho-Dagestanian language, it is spoken in the Caucasus in Georgia by less than 3000 speakers (possibly not more than 500). Like many Caucasian languages, it has nominal classes (8 in bats).


Bengali : Language spoken by a significant part of India


Bezhta : An unwritten language of the Caucasus, today there are fewer than 5,000-7,000 speakers. Bezhta is one of the Northeast Caucasian languages.


Burmese : Language spoken in Burma, official language of Myanmar


Bhutan: Language spoken in Bhutan


Bohtan-neo-Aramaic :


Buryat : Language spoken by the Buryat people. Very similar to the Mongolian language . There are more than 400,000 speakers of Buryat in Mongolia, the Republic of Buryatia (Ulan-Ude is the capital) and China.


Cantonese : Language spoken in Hong Kong


Mandarin Chinese : Most widely spoken language in the world. Discover our Mandarin Chinese audio course .


Chors : + - 10,000 speakers of the language, in south-central Siberia, in Kemerevo oblast.


Choulim : Language doomed to disappear within a few years. Only 35-40 people speak the language fluently. The region where the Shulim is spoken is located north of the Altai Mountains, Russia.


Chukchee : Language spoken by approximately 7,000 people in the Autonomous District of Chukotka, Russia.


Korean : Language spoken by approximately 70 million people mainly in South Korea and North Korea.


Dargin : Language of Dagestan.


Dolgan : spoken by about 5000 people. Language of Turkish origin very similar to the Yakut language. There is talk of Dolgan in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia.


Enets : Endangered language with less than 70 speakers, located in the Karsnoyarsk region along the Yenisei river


Erzya :


Even : + - 8000 speakers in Russia


Evenki ( Evenks ): In 2002, there were more than 7,500 speakers of the Evenki language, spread across Russia, Mongolia, and China.


Georgian : Kartvelian language spoken in Georgia and some parts of the Caucasus.


Gilyak ( Nivkh ): Language spoken in Outer Manchuria. Less than 1000 speakers.


Godoberi : Language of Dagestan spoken by around 2000 speakers, it is unwritten. It is related to the Nakho-Dagestanian type languages.


Gruzinic (Kivruli, Judeo-Georgian)


Gujarati : Important language in India in the state of Gujarat.


Hindi :: Indo-Aryan language most spoken in India and one of the most spoken in the world with nearly a billion speakers.


Hinukh :


Ingush : Language similar to Chechen but spoken in the Republic of Ingushetia.


Itelmen : Less than 100 people speak the Itelmen language. However, attempts are made to reintroduce the teaching of the language in some schools on the Kamtchatka peninsula.


Izhorian :


Japanese : main language in Japan written with the alphabet kata kana and hiragana


Judeo-Tat :


Kabarde :


Kalmyk ( Kalmyk ):


Kannada : Language spoken in India


Karachay (karachay-balkar) : Language spoken by approximately 310,000 according to the 2010 census in Russia. The language is very close to Kumyk (kumik). This is a Turkish guage with declination (6 cases).


Karelian : Karelian language in Russia.


Kashmiri ; Language of Indian Kashmir

Kazakh : Original language spoken in Kazakhstan by about 12 million people and cohabiting with a large Russian-speaking community.

Khakassian :


Khalaj :


Khanty : 12,000 speakers of the Khanty language.


Khovsgol Uryangkhai :


Khwarshi :


Kildin Sami :


Kyrgyz :


Komi-Zyrian :


Konkani :


Koryak :


Kumyk :


Lak :

Laz :

Lezgi :


Lomavren :


Ludic :


Malyalam :


Mansi Mari :


Marathi :


Mingrelian :


Moksha :


Mongolian : Language spoken in Mongolia. Discover our Mongolian language courses . or our Mongolian audio course (English).


Nanai :


Negidal :


Nenets :


Nepali : Language spoken in Nepal . Official language in this country. Language very similar to Hindi. Download your Nepalese language course .


Nganasan :


Nogal :


Oeste :


Oriya :


Oroch :


Urdu : Language of Pakistan, formerly (100 years ago) the same as Hindi. This language was called Hindustani. Urdu is an Arabized version of Hindi.


Uzbek : National language of Uzbekistan


Pundjabi : Language of the state of Punjab


Pontic :


Romani : Language of North India in the Indo-European family.


Selkup :


Sherpa : Language of Nepal spoken by the ethnic minority living in the Everest region. The Sherpa language is very similar to Tibetan. Come and discover our Sherpa language audio course .


Shor : + - 10,000 speakers of the language, in south-central Siberia, in Kemerevo oblast.


Singhalese : One of the two main languages ​​of Sri Lanka. Widely spoken in Colombo.


Skolt Sami :


Soyot :


Svan : Kartvelian language spoken in the Svaneti region of Georgia.


Tabasaran :


Tajik : Persian language spoken in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. There are approximately 8.5 million speakers of the Tajik language


Talysh :


Tamil : Language spoken in southern India (Tamil Nadu) and Sri Lanka. By including people with Tamil as a seg language


Tat :


Tatar :


Chechen : Language spoken in Chechnya with a very peculiar and sometimes confusing grammar. Discover our Chechen language course .


Teleut :


Telougou :


Ter Sami :


Thai : Language spoken in Thailand


Tibetan :




Touvien (Language of Touva)


Tsakhur :


Tsataan : Language spoken by a minority in northern Mongolia, in the province of Khövsgöl.


Braid :


Gypsy :


Turkmen : Language mainly spoken in Turkmenistan


Udege :


Udi :


Udmurt : Language spoken mainly in the Republic of Udmurtia


Ulcha :


Urum :


Veps :


Vietnamese :


Votic :


Yakut : Language spoken by the Yakut people in the Autonomous Republic of Yakutia, Siberia


Yiddish :


Yug :


Yukaghir :


Yupik-Youpik :