Apprendre une langue en ligne

About the LIMBA method

The paper language methods (books) do not allow you to learn to SPEAK and UNDERSTAND the language studied. Quite simply because they focus solely on intellectual knowledge of the language learned. They allow a logical and structured knowledge of the language only. In other words, we accumulate concepts, explanations about the language and its rules and exceptions but this does not allow us to SPEAK the language. The LIMBA method does the opposite ... by focusing 100% on intuitive knowledge of the language.

LIMBA method

méthode apprendre langue étrangère

Right brain hemisphere






Discovery response





Do his best

Usual language method

apprendre une langue

Left brain hemisphere






Answer given





To be the best

So why is the LIMBA method one of the best ways to learn to speak a language?

Quite simply because it takes the natural way which we had to assimilate our own language. Except at school, no one has ever told us how to conjugate such a verb or even explain how we express ourselves in the past tense. It is above all the repetition in a context that allowed us to intuitively understand the functioning of our own language. The LIMBA method is based on the same principle, which is both simple and unknown to traditional methods.

Through active listening and repeating aloud, you will gradually but solidly learn the basics of the language of your choice. Try Lesson # 1 ... It's Free!

How to make the most of this LIMBA audio language method?

It is essential to repeat aloud after each intervention. We normally suggest no more than one lesson per day. On the other hand, it can be very beneficial to listen to it 2 to 3 times if the time allows it. We also always suggest taking a break of 1 or 2 days a week. In addition, to make the most of the LIMBA method, it is very relevant to complete your study with a written method.

What is the level reached?

The level reached depends greatly on the number of lessons completed (and available). Since repetition is at the heart of language teaching, the number of words studied remains limited but allows an excellent knowledge of the mechanisms of the language. The audio courses with more than 100 lessons allow a real in-depth knowledge of many mechanisms of the languages ​​learned.