apprendre le mandarin

Some statistics

Number of Mandarin Chinese speakers: 917,800,000 people claiming Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue

Number of speakers of Mandarin Chinese as a second language: nearly 200 million

Number of words in the largest Chinese dictionary ( 汉语 辞典): 370,000 words derived from 23,000 characters

Number of characters known by the majority of Chinese : 3500

Number of characters known by a Chinese with a university level : 6000 to 8000

Number of Chinese characters at the time of the Qin dynasty (221 BC to 207 BC) : 3,500 ideograms

Number of Chinese characters needed for daily understanding : 2,500 ideograms only


% of English secondary schools offering Chinese lessons to their students: 13% of public schools and 45% of private schools.

Current population in China : 1,420,180,000 inhabitants according to the UN in July 2019

% of Chinese population in the world: 18.41% of the world population

Population density in China : 151 inhabitants per square km

Total Chinese land area : 9,388,211 km2

% of urban population in China : 60.4%

Average age in China : 37 years old.


Number of coronavirus cases in China (April 19, 2020) : 82,735

Number of deaths from coronavirus in China (April 19, 2020) : 4,632

Number of journalists imprisoned in 2019: 48